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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Western Media's "Foot in Mouth" Disease

The media breeds a certain type of ferrety person, all eyes and ears waiting to pounce on any juicy story, or at least whatever can be turned into a juicy story.

American media and Yugoslavian events have not mixed well however in the past decades, at least from the standpoint of the Catholic Church.

During WWII Yugoslovia, The Yugoslavian Communist Party heirarchy perceived the Catholic church as its arch-nemesis and sought to control it. Co-operation from the Church was not forthcoming and the communists set about a campaign of systematic persecution of the clergy. In one such campaign, Yugoslav forces entered the Franciscan Monastery of Siroki Brijeg and set alight fourteen friars after dousing them with petrol. And only 88 priests of Senji's dioceses survived of 151 that were there before the war. Half of the parishes were left with no clergy.

Whoever was not murdered was intimidated into leaving. The communists' hope was that by destroying the shepherds, the flocks would be scattered.

But the biggest thorn in the Communist side was the Bishop of Zagreb, Alojzije Stepinac. A smear campaign surfaced against him, but this had little effect in Croatia. Unfortunately, the American press bought the charges hook, line and sinker and published them as truth. Without a shred of evidence that Stepinac was a collaborator, he was painted as a fascist by propogandists.

And the half-truths and lies about his role in WWII Croatia resurfaced just prior to his beatification, when an intensive negative media campaign, including the Catholic press in the US were hard at work selling sensationalism.

Milovan Diljas, then in the communist hierarchy, admitted in his book: "He would certainly not have been brought to trial for his conduct in the war...had he not continued to oppose the new Communist regime."

The latest media tragedies are occurring around Medjugorje, where things have gotten very much out of hand and the US and western media are not only grasping for stories, but creating them from nothing. In an appalling case, the Wanderer publication has been exposed. After filming an anti-medjugorje film with E Michael Jones and other cohorts, the director and producer of that film, the cameraman, the journalists testify publicly that everything editor Paul Likoudis reported was false.

Denis Nolan of responded "It was all part of a deliberate campaign to destroy Medjugorje! And Likoudis has the audacity continuing this campaign in the November 14, 2002 The Wanderer! This is criminal. He and the Wanderer should be held accountable! There never were any death threats made by the Franciscans of Medjugorje against Jones (E. Michael Jones from Culture Wars) and others. There never was a pedophile ring of Franciscans in Medjugorje! The story that was kept alive for two years in the Muslim newsdaily, "The Feril Tribune," - that all money given by pilgrims to the Franciscans in Medjugorje during the war, for refugee aid, was instead used by them for ethnic cleansing of Muslims - was entirely false!"

Media can be very damaging when mixed with a highly political climate. The damage in this case is to souls searching for God. They read about the Medjugorje phenomenon and are drawn there......until some media Freddy Kruger comes along and gets em!


  • At 2:26 PM , Anonymous tlthe5th said...

    you Liar. explain the photos of Stepinac with hitler and his yugoslavian counterpart Pavelic (the bloody dictator). that's right Pavelic and Stepinac and the whole Catholic cult are fascists. go to for more evidence of the vatican-fascist relationship. explain the Vatican concordats with hitler in 1933 and the lateran pact with Mussolini in 1929 and the concordat with with fascist yugoslavia in 1934. the catholic Ustasha murdered over 800,000 people in yogoslavia. I have rare video footage of this at my site under the links "Videos".
    May their blood be on the hands and souls of those who actively cover it up today. The word "Propaganda" was a word originated to describe the Catholic Church as well. It's funny how their followers turn around and use it on everyone else.


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